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Healthy Brown Fried Rice

Ok, this is one of my super easy to make, go-to carb sources. I make this like every week. You will need

- 2 cups (cooked) brown rice. I use one bag of trader joes brown rice. ( Comes frozen in a pack of 3 bags and is delicious.)

- 3-4 eggs

-Bean sprouts

- Liquid aminos ( soy sauce substitute)

-Black pepper

- (Peas or any other veggies you like)

Oil a pan with olive oil or coconut oil. Scramble your eggs. Add bean sprouts, cooked rice and pepper. Flavor with your preferred amount of liquid aminos. Mix together and enjoy. You can cook your sprouts separately if you like them on the soft side. I like mine almost raw and crunchy. Completely healthy and so good! Enjoy!

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