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BLOAT!! Why it happens and how to reduce it.

Bloat; Make or become swollen with fluid or gas; Or increase in diameter of the abdominal area.

Bloat can be uncomfortable and unsightly but lucky for us, theres ways to combat and reduce it. You can become bloated due to many different reasons but I'm gonna keep it short and sweet. Some of the most common causes are

- Overeating

-What you are eating

- How you are eating it

- Sodium

- Constipation

-Drinking water while eating

-Chewing gum

-Acidity levels in your belly

- Gluten intolerance / Lactose intolerance etc.

The way you eat your food plays a large roll in Bloat. Always chew your food thoroughly and break it down as small as possible. When Chewing, you can swallow air which leads to gas and bloat. So try to eat slower and really break down your food. Chewing gum also tricks your stomach into thinking its about to digest food and it starts producing the liquids and acids to break the food down. ( Unnecessary fluid=bloat) Going to bed while your food is still being digested will cause bloating. When you sleep, your body is essentially in recovery mode and slows down. So if you are eating within a couple hours of going to bed, your food won't be properly broken down and you can wake up more tired and with a belly full of food. Try giving it at least 3 hours before heading to bed after eating your last meal. Some easy fixes include

- Increasing water intake

- Slowly increasing fibrous foods

- Increased activity

- Eating earlier

- adding acidic foods/ probiotics to your diet

- Not drinking liquids while you are eating

- Adding turmeric, ginger, teas, leafy greens to your diet.

- Eating slower and more aware

Increasing your water intake will keep you properly hydrated, and reduce the toxins hanging around in your gut. Again, how you eat is huge. Try waiting 20 min before and after to drink your water when eating. liquids dilute the acid that breaks down your causing slowed digestion. Drinking water with lemon and Apple Cider Vinegar first thing in the morning can decrease bloating majorly. Adding probiotics to your diet will add an extra dose of good bacteria to your digestive system to keep it balanced and help regulate your bowel movements (Very important) Fiber filled foods will also assist in regulating bowel movements and removing unneeded waste from the body. There are many teas can assist with gas. My favorites are peppermint, dandelion and chamomile. I hope you find this helpful!

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